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Areas of Research in GIS

Research in the Department of GIS involves cross-national and multidisciplinary study of China's foreign policy; China-European Union (EU) and China-Africa relations; European and Asian regionalism; Eastern European politics; security studies; Hong Kong-EU relations; cross-strait relations; studies of social / cultural / political developments in selected European areas; comparative urban studies; and innovative pedagogies. Funded projects examine, for example, labor politics, social protests, civil society, disaster management, local governance, and leadership transition in mainland China, as well as the Hong Kong Transition Project's study of two fundamental aspects of the transition of Hong Kong from a British colony to China's Special Administrative Region (SAR), namely, democratization and socio-political volatility, and contentious and identity politics.


In recent years, the Department has secured over HK$30.2 million funding, and developed collaboration with the European Commission (such as a 5-year HK$15.2 million project in 2012-2017), the World Values Survey Association, and other academic institutions and government agencies internationally and locally. Department staff, in their capacity as principal research investigators, have received grants from the General Research Fund, Early Career Scheme and Faculty Development Scheme, the Central Policy Unit, the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation, the Jean-Monnet Fellowship, the Macau Foundation, and the University Grants Committee.


The Department actively supports the research cluster development across the Faculty of Social Sciences (Smart Societies) and the University (Creative Media / Practice, Health & Drug Discovery, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence). It also manages the Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre (CGPC).

Research Areas (examples)

  • Area Studies (multi-disciplinary)
  • International Relations and Security Studies
  • Public Policy Analysis and Comparative Politics
  • Political Sociology, Political Economy and Social Sciences Methodology
  • Political Theory and Political Thought
  • Innovative Pedagogies and Language Teaching / Learning

Research Topics (examples)

  • European Political, Social and Cultural Developments
  • European Integration and Governance of the EU
  • EU-China Trade and Economic Relations
  • EU-China Relations and International Relations in Asia
  • Chinese Foreign Policy and Chinese Politics and Governance
  • Regional Government and National Integration in China
  • Hong Kong Politics and Governance
  • Civil Society, Social Movements and Protest
  • Repentance and Reconciliation in International Comparison
  • Comparative Language Policies and Language Didactics
  • E-learning and Internationalization of the Curriculum

The Department welcomes applications to pursue M.Phil. or Ph.D degrees within the Department, on either a full-time or part-time basis, and regularly hosts Visiting Scholars for one semester or one year.

For further information about the regulations, guidelines and procedures for Postgraduate Studies in HKBU, please visit Graduate School Website.