Applause to Dr. Martin CHUNG@GIS - Awardee of GE Teaching Award (Individual) 2021-22


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Latest Staff Publications
  • Tran, E. & Tseng, Y.-c. (2022). To Trust or Not to Trust? COVID-19 Facemasks in China–Europe Relations: Lessons from France and the United Kingdom. Journal of Risk and Financial Management. DOI: 10.3390/jrfm15040187

  • Tran, E. & Zoubir, Y.H. (2022). INTRODUCTION TO THE SPECIAL ISSUE China in the Mediterranean: An Arena of Strategic Competition? Mediterranean Politics. DOI: 10.1080/13629395.2022.2035125

  • Shim, Jaemin (2022). Overpromising Social Welfare Benefits? Electoral Competition and Welfare Politics in Taiwan. Journal of East Asian Studies DOI:

  • Tran, E. (2022). Role Dynamics and Trust in France China Coopetition. Mediterranean Politics. DOI: 10.1080/13629395.2022.2035138

Student Experience


European Studies 歐洲研究


Government & International Studies 政治及國際關係學


VISIONS@CHINASTUDIES | Studying in Hong Kong


Prof. Jean Pierre Cabestan - Chinese Politics | VISIONS@CHINASTUDIES

Studying at GIS

GIS trains students in the different aspects of political science, with a strong emphasis on international relations and comparative politics, and in European Studies, using a multi-disciplinary approach.


In addition to the department itself, GIS also contributes to teaching in the Global and China Studies programme, Master of Public Administration, Master of Arts in Global Society and Master of Social Sciences (Contemporary China Studies).


Research by staff of the GIS Department covers Hong Kong and Chinese politics, European politics and European integration, social movements and protest, political transitions and democratization, international relations, and economic and cultural relations between China and Europe.