Mr. Poon Kwok-cheung (European Studies, Year 2) (second from right) awarded The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships - Undergraduate Scholarship 2019.
GIS Student Society 'AEGIS' Committee Study Tour in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 3-7 June 2019.
Seminar "Reflecting on The End of Communism in Europe 1989: 30 Years On" (L to R: Kenneth Chan, A James McAdams and Mirosław Adamczyk). Co-organized by the Hong Kong Association for European Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Office of University General Education, University of Notre Dame Hong Kong Global Center and the Hong Kong Democratic Foundation, 24 May 2019.
Dr. Tushar Chaudhuri (right) has been awarded President's Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching (2019).
GIS Department organized a farewell reception for Prof. Ting Wai, Dr. Cheng Wai Edmund, Miss Chui Chi Shan and Dr. Siegbert Klee on 23 May 2019.
Kenneth Chan, Director of the Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre (second from right), civil society stakeholders and human rights advocates met with HKSAR Government Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung and his team to follow up the findings and recommendations of the United Nations Human Rights Universal Periodic Review, 2 May 2019.
Forthcoming publication of Prof. Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Head of Department (Come out in early July 2019) (Click to enlarge)
GIS Society 'AEGIS' Annual Dinner, 12 April 2019. GIS Department faculty members and staff with Alumni.
Seminar "How to Build Smart Society" : Smart Public Records, 21 March 2019. Co-organized by the Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre (CGPC), Department of Government and International Studies and the Faculty of Social Sciences, HKBU. Speaker: Mr. Simon Chu, Former Director, Hong Kong Government Records Service. (Summary)
Seminar "Russia: Putinism in Crisis" by Prof. Marie Mendras (sixth from left), 14 March 2019.
Round Table "Populism, Social Movements and Political Change: Hong Kong, Spain, France and Russia", 15 February 2019. Organized by GIS Department and Alumni Sciences Po Hong Kong; in association with Hong Kong Association for European Studies and Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre.
First from Right: Mr. Juan Enrique Serrano Moreno, Universidad Autonoma de Chile.
Government and International Studies Society (GISS) 24th Executive Committee AEGIS inauguration ceremony, 13 February 2019.
"The EU as An International Actor - Finnish Perspective", a guest lecture by Ms. Paula Lehtomäki, State Secretary, Prime Minister's Office, Finland. Co-organized by Hong Kong Association for European Studies and the International Office, Hong Kong Baptist University, 15 November 2018.
"Au coeur de Mai 68" (In the heart of May 68), Co-organized by Hong Kong Association for European Studies and the International Office, Hong Kong Baptist University, 6 November 2018.
GIS Faculty Members with Alumni on the occasion of the 2018 Homecoming Day, 20 October 2018.
Mr. Bob Carr, Australia's former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Former Premier of New South Wales, presented a seminar titled Donald Trump's Security Policy in the Indo-Pacific region, on the occasion of the Government and Internationa Studies Society (GISS) Academic Week, 8 October 2018.
Opening Ceremony and talk of the Exhibition Spots of Light: Women in the Holocaust organized by the GIS Department (European Studies Programme) and the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre, in cooperation with Yad Vashem and supported by Mr. Richard Elman. Mrs. Ahuva Spieler, Consul-General of the State of Israel to Hong Kong and Macau, was present at the Ceremony. 2 October 2018.
GISS Open Semester Dinner held in Ho Sin Hang Campus, 26 September 2018.
Dr. Kenneth Chan (Associate Professor, GIS and President of Hong Kong Association for European Studies) with guests at the Grand Opening of Exhibition and Film Show on The Legacy of 1968: Prague Spring and Its Repercussions 50 Years On. Co-sponsored by the Consulate-General of the Czech Republic in Hong Kong and the International Office of HKBU. 7 September 2018.
Dr Albert Chau, Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), HKBU and Dr Jason Ho, Senior Service-Learning Consultant, Centre for Innovative Service-Learning, HKBU

The Opening Ceremony of Innovative Service-Learning Projects Exhibition and Presentations. 88 students taking the course POLS 2015 (Government & Politics of Hong Kong) designed and completed advocacy campaigns on environmental issues.
Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu, Felix Chung Kwok-pan, Legislators and Law Yuk Kai, Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor and

GIS Students Society co-hosted forum on the Extradition Law
Pierre Bourgeois, General Manager, Vinci Construction Grands Projets (VCGP) ; Member of the French Foreign Trade Advisors in Hong Kong

Sharing about building engineering & management and VCGP's contributions to Hong Kong
Alexandre Giorgini, the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau

Lunch Gathering with Consulate General of France
Nathan He Lanshan, Officer for Education & French Language, the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau and Yasmin Chafra, Head of CampusFrance Hong Kong

A talk about the scholarships programme for language summer course and the exchange year in France
French Stream Year IV students EURO4006 and exchange students from France

Service learning for Food Angel
Clément Brumeaux, COO of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong and Servane Delaye, General Manager of the French Chamber Foundation

Sharing about business environment and the French presence in Hong Kong as well as the business corporations' responsibility to uphold sustainability.
Julien-Loïc Garin, CEO of Le French May arts festival

French presence in Hong Kong is also very strong in the arts with Le French May (since 1993) and the recently established lights festival Lumières Hong Kong (depuis 2017), that bring together French artists and artists and the public of Hong Kong, against preconceived ideas and common belief and enhance creativity.
Alma Brami, French novelist

Meeting and sharing with the author.
Hubert Charuel, the film director of the French movie Petit Paysan (Received César Award for Best First Feature Film, César Award for Best Actor, and César Award for Best Supporting Actress)

Sharing about the making of his movie and the life in rural areas and of peasants in France.
Laëtitia Mergui, French External Trade Advisor & Regional Managing Director, Chloé (Asia Pacific), Richemont (a Swiss luxury group)

Presentation followed by Q&A session.
Stéphane Lam, artistic director and project manager of Le Pavillon Rouge des Arts (HK) Ltd

Celebration of the Francophonie with the creation of an anthem in French celebrating the diversity of Hong Kong and the poesy of the French language.
Vincent Villepelet, French External Trade Advisor & Chief Financial Officer, LVMH Asia Pacific

Seminar of exploring the presence of French brands in the luxury industry in Hong Kong and Greater China cum visit at Maison Louis Vuitton (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Dany Laferrière, the Canadian novelist and French Academician

An inaugural lecture in the opening ceremony of the 19th Francophonie Festival in Hong Kong on the topic about the quintessential role of books for us in a world dominated by the immediacy of news
Éric Mayer, Managing Partner at Thomas, Mayer & Associés ; French Foreign Trade Advisor ; Barrister at law (Paris)

Seminar about the legal and fiscal environment in Hong Kong that enhances the migration and development of French companies in the Region.
Jacques Boissier, President of French Foreign Trade Advisors section in Hong Kong

Company visit about the logistics sector and international trade with foods and perishables.
Julie Metta, School of Energy and Environment, the City University of Hong Kong

a newest discipline, circular economy, and the issues and challenges of recycling in Hong Kong and Greater China.
Charlotte Judet, Member of the French Foreign Trade Advisors in Hong Kong ; Vice President of Communication APAC at Kering Asia Pacific (an international luxury group based in Paris, France)

Presentation about luxury industry
Stéphane Lam,artistic director and project manager of Le Pavillon Rouge des Arts (HK) Ltd

Workshop - "As in France"
Jean-Benoît Kaeppelin, General Secretary of the French Foreign Trade Advisors in Hong Kong ; the Founder & CEO of International Asia Inc. Ltd (specializing in organisation and people's development)

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