Minor Programmes

Minor Programme in European Studies

Students are required to take 15 units of minor elective courses which are specified by the GIS Department to fulfil the minor programme requirements, and note that no registration priority will be given to enrolment in minor courses. Among the 15 units of elective courses taken, at least one 3-unit course must be taken at Level 3 or 4. Students are recommended to take EUR02007 and EUR02015 during the second year of studies.


Students may choose to take all 15 units of the minor elective courses at HKBU. However, students may also choose to enroll on summer programme/exchange programme in the European Union (EU) approved by the International Office, HKBU and obtain some units of transfer after completion of the summer/exchange programme to count towards the fulfillment of the minor programme requirements.


If students intend to enroll on summer programme/exchange programme in the EU, students are recommended to enroll in the following in Year 3:


  1. enroll in a summer programme in the EU. After completing the summer programme, students can apply for transfer of units* for EUR02115 'Summer Course in the EU' (3 units); or
  2. enroll as full-time exchange students for one to two semesters in a university in the European Union (EU). After completing the exchange programme, students can apply for transfer of units* for EUR02116 European Language, Culture and Area Studies (Social Sciences) in the EU (6 units).


Please note the following:


  • When submitting application for transfer of units to the Academic Registry, students should complete the form "Application for Transfer of Units- Students Returning from Exchange" and specify "To fulfill the Minor requirements for European Studies" in your application.
  • Please note that due to EU visa regulations, enrolment in the summer programme and/or exchange programme in the EU is not possible in Year 4.
  • Regarding the course(s) to take in the exchange studies in the EU, students are free to choose courses in European Language and Culture and Area Studies (Social Sciences) only.
  • At the onset of the exchange semester, students are advised to send a list of courses (including course description) they intend to enroll in (and are permitted by the host university) to the GIS Department for assessment of course equivalence for unit transfer.
  • Students can consult the GIS Department both before leaving for Europe and at the beginning of the exchange semester(s).


Upon completion of the 15 units required for the minor programmes, students should apply to the Academic Registry for approval.


For more general information about minor programme studies, please read the Useful Notes on Taking Minor Programmes provided by Academic Registry.