1. Dr. Martin CHUNG
    "Reconciliation and Its Resentments : The Suppression of Justice and Truth Recovery in Germany, Northern Ireland, and Western Balkans"
  2. Dr. Kevin IP
    "Social Justice for the Information Age : Towards a Political Theory of Datafication"
  3. Dr. Emilie TRAN
    "HOW CHINA SPEAKS TO THE WORLD IN THE COVID-19 ERA China’s Political Communication and Mobilisation in Europe"

Dr. Kevin K. W. Ip

 葉家威 博士

Assistant Professor




Impact, Engagement & Esteem

Public Talks

  • 歐威爾《動物農莊》,經典講書會,香港中文大學通識教育部。2021年11月10日。
  • 《字裡人間》新書發布會,香港中文大學。2021年7月31日。
  • 反全球化浪潮下還能講普世價值嗎?新書講座。香港中文大學,2019年1月14日。商務印書館尖沙咀圖書中心,2019年1月18日。


Selected Conference Presentations

  • “Political Authority and Resistance to Injustice: A Confucian Perspective,” the First Oxford Symposium on Comparative Political Philosophy, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. July 2019.
  • “The Self-determination Argument against Open Borders,” International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) Japan International Conference, Kyoto, July 2018.
  • “Resistance Movement and Consent of the Oppressed,” Conference on Injustice, Resistance, and Progress, Department of Government, London School of Economics. June 2018.
  • “Does Self-determination Imply a Unilateral Right to Close One’s Borders?” Political Studies Association (PSA) 68th Annual International Conference, Cardiff, March 2018.
  • “Selecting Immigrants in an Unjust World,” 113th American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting, San Francisco, September 2017.



Swire Scholar, St Antony’s College (Oxford), 2006-2011.