1. Dr. Martin CHUNG
    "Reconciliation and Its Resentments : The Suppression of Justice and Truth Recovery in Germany, Northern Ireland, and Western Balkans"
  2. Dr. Kevin IP
    "Social Justice for the Information Age : Towards a Political Theory of Datafication"
  3. Dr. Emilie TRAN
    "HOW CHINA SPEAKS TO THE WORLD IN THE COVID-19 ERA China’s Political Communication and Mobilisation in Europe"

Dr. Kang Yi

 康怡 博士

Associate Professor




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Impact, Engagement & Esteem

Research Award

  • The Early Career Award 2014/15, Research Grants Council (2014)


Conference Presentations

  • 2019 The 11th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) Conference (Leiden, the Netherlands, 16-19 July): Packaging NGOs for Government Branding: Local Government’s Innovation Partnership with NGOs in China
  • 2019 “Politics, Societies, and Disasters: China and Beyond” Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark, 28 June): The Evolution of the Local State-NGO Relationship in Post-Disaster Sichuan
  • 2018 AAS-in-ASIA Conference (New Delhi, India, July 2018): How Chinese Grassroots NGOs Cope with the New Funding Game
  • 2018 AAS Annual Conference (Washington, D.C., March 2018): Roudtable: Wenchuan Earthquake: A Decade of Changes and Continuities
  • 2016 AAS-in-ASIA Conference (Kyoto, Japan, June 2016): Navigating My Way to Help NGO Development after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake