1. Dr. Martin CHUNG
    "Reconciliation and Its Resentments : The Suppression of Justice and Truth Recovery in Germany, Northern Ireland, and Western Balkans"
  2. Dr. Kevin IP
    "Social Justice for the Information Age : Towards a Political Theory of Datafication"
  3. Dr. Emilie TRAN
    "HOW CHINA SPEAKS TO THE WORLD IN THE COVID-19 ERA China’s Political Communication and Mobilisation in Europe"

Dr. Jaemin Shim

 沈載珉 博士

Assistant Professor




Impact, Engagement & Esteem


  • 2021. Southeast Asia Research Center, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • 2021. Center for Asian and Transcultural Studies, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany
  • 2019. Contemporary Japan Group, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2019. Center for Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2018. Centre of Taiwan Studies guest talk series, School of Oriental and Asian Studies, London, UK
  • 2018. REPRESENT and Asia Research Institute joint seminar, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK
  • 2018. Research Cluster in Comparative Politics Seminar Series, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
  • 2018. Global Social Policy Research Group, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany
  • 2018. PETGOV Seminar, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 2017. Political science Department lunchtime seminar, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
  • 2017. Department of Law guest talk series, Gakushuin University, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2017. Department of Social Work guest talk series, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan



  • Co-organizer, “European Social Policy from Non-European Perspectives” stream, 2019 ESPAnet Conference, May 2019-Sep 2019 (with Younghwan Byun and Sijeong Lim)
  • Solo director, “Convergence versus Divergence of Mass-Elite Political Cleavages” workshop, 2019 ECPR Joint Session, May 2018-Apr 2019
  • Solo director / organizer, “Convergence versus Divergence of Mass-Elite Political Cleavages: Conceptual, Methodological, and Theoretical Innovations” conference, Jan 2018-Jun 2018
  • Co-organizer, “Varieties of Origins and Survival in Asian Autocracies: A Multi-Method Analysis” panel, 2018 ECPR General Conference, Mar 2018-Aug 2018 (with Yuko Kasuya)