1. Dr. Martin CHUNG
    "Reconciliation and Its Resentments : The Suppression of Justice and Truth Recovery in Germany, Northern Ireland, and Western Balkans"
  2. Dr. Kevin IP
    "Social Justice for the Information Age : Towards a Political Theory of Datafication"
  3. Dr. Emilie TRAN
    "HOW CHINA SPEAKS TO THE WORLD IN THE COVID-19 ERA China’s Political Communication and Mobilisation in Europe"

Prof. Roger Michael Scully





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Research Interests

  • Political Representation
  • UK Politics
  • European Politics


Current Research Projects

  • Electoral Incumbency Under Mixed-Mode Electoral Systems (funded by a Hong Kong Baptist University Tier 2 Research Grant)
  • The Scottish and Welsh Party Systems Under Devolution

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Publications (Peer Reviewed)

Recent Publications

  1. ‘Unprecedented Times, a Very Precedented Result: the 2021 Senedd Election’, Political Quarterly (2021): 92: 469-473

  2. (with Laura McAllister) ‘For Wales, Do Not See England’, Parliamentary Affairs (2021) 74: 138-157

  3. The End of British Party Politics? (Biteback, 2018)

  4. (with Jac Larner) ‘A Successful Defence: the 2016 Welsh Assembly Election’, Parliamentary Affairs (2017) 70: 507-529

  5. (with Charlie Jeffery, Ailsa Henderson, Robert Lineira, Dan Wincott & Richard Wyn Jones) ‘England, Englishness and Brexit’, Political Quarterly (2016) 87: 187-199

  6. (with Charlie Jeffery, Ailsa Henderson & Richard Wyn Jones) ‘England’s Dissatisfactions and the Conservative Dilemma’, Political Studies Review (2016) 14: 335-348

  7. (with Ron Johnston, Charles Pattie and David Cutts) ‘Getting the vote out: constituency campaigning and canvassing for support at the 2011 National Assembly for Wales election’, Politics (2016) 36: 49-62


Authored Books

  1. (with Richard Wyn Jones) Wales Says Yes: Devolution and the 2011 Welsh Referendum (University of Wales Press, 2012)

  2. (with David M. Farrell) Representing Europe’s Citizens? Electoral Systems and the Failure of Parliamentary Representation in Europe (Oxford University Press, 2007)

  3. Becoming Europeans? Attitudes, Behaviour and Socialisation in the European Parliament (Oxford University Press, 2005)


Major Articles

  1. (with Richard Wyn Jones) ‘The Public Legitimacy of The National Assembly for Wales’, Journal of Legislative Studies (2015) 21: 515-533

  2. ‘More Scottish than Welsh? Understanding the 2011 Devolved Elections in Scotland and Wales’, Regional and Federal Studies (2013) 23: 591-612

  3. (with Richard Wyn Jones) ‘Still Three Wales? Social Location and Electoral Behaviour in Wales’, Electoral Studies (2012) 31: 656-667

  4. (with Simon Hix & David Farrell) ‘National or European Parliamentarians? Evidence from a New Survey of Members of the European Parliament’, Journal of Common Market Studies (2012) 50: 670-683

  5. (with David Farrell) ‘The European Parliament: One Parliament, Several Modes of Political Representation?’, Journal of European Public Policy (2010) 17: 36-54

  6. (with Richard Wyn Jones) ‘Devolution and Electoral Politics in Scotland and Wales’, Publius: The Journal of Federalism (2006) 36: 115-134

  7. (with David Farrell) ‘Electing the European Parliament: How Uniform are ‘Uniform’ Electoral Systems?’, Journal of Common Market Studies (2005) 43: 969-984

  8. (with Richard Wyn Jones & Dafydd Trystan) ‘Turnout, Participation and Legitimacy in Post-Devolution Wales’, British Journal of Political Science (2004) 34: 519-37

  9. (with Richard Wyn Jones) ‘Minor Tremor but Several Casualties: the 2003 Welsh Election’, British Elections and Parties Review (2004) 14: 191-210

  10. (with Dafydd Trystan & Richard Wyn Jones) ‘Explaining the Quiet Earthquake: Voting Behaviour in the First Election to the National Assembly for Wales’, Electoral Studies (2003) 22: 635-650

  11. (with Simon Hix & Tapio Raunio) ‘Fifty Years On: Research on the European Parliament’, Journal of Common Market Studies (2003) 41: 191-202

  12. (with David Farrell) ‘MEPs as Representatives: Individual and Institutional Roles’, Journal of Common Market Studies (2003) 41: 269-288

  13. (with David M. Farrell) ‘Electoral Reform and the British MEP’, Journal of Legislative Studies (2003) 9: 14-36

  14. (with Kent J. Kille) ‘Executive Heads and the Role of Intergovenmental Organisations: Expansionist Leadership in the United Nations and the European Union’, Political Psychology (2003) 24: 175-198

  15. (with Richard Wyn Jones & Dafydd Trystan) ‘Why do the Conservatives always do (even) worse in Wales?’ British Elections and Parties Review (2002) 12: 229-245. (Winner of Politicos Prize for best paper in that year’s Review)

  16. (with Samuel C. Patterson) ‘Ideology, Partisanship and Legislative Decision-Making’, Party Politics (2001) 7: 131-156

  17. ‘Voters, Parties and Europe’, Party Politics (2001) 7: 515-523

  18. ‘Nowhere to Run...? British MEPs and the Euro’, British Elections and Parties Review (1999) 9: 186-199

  19. ‘The European Parliament, Euro-Elections and the Democratic Deficit', Representation (1999) 36: 235-242

  20. ‘MEPs and the Building of a “Parliamentary Europe”’, Journal of Legislative Studies (1998) 4: 91-107

  21. ‘Policy Influence and Participation in the European Parliament’, Legislative Studies Quarterly (1997) 22: 233-252

  22. (with Anthony Mughan) ‘Accounting for Change in Free Vote Outcomes in the House of Commons’, British Journal of Political Science (1997) 27: 640-647

  23. (with Anthony Mughan & Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier) ‘Mapping Legislative Socialization’, European Journal of Political Research (1997) 32: 93-106

  24. ‘The European Parliament and the Co-Decision Procedure: A Re-Assessment’, Journal of Legislative Studies (1997) 3: 58-73

Research Grants (External)

  1. National Assembly for Wales Renumeration Board, £28,896 (Principal Investigator), ‘Barriers and Incentives to Standing for National Assembly Elections’, 2017

  2. Economic and Social Research Council, £226,615.00 (Principal Investigator), ‘The 2016 Welsh Election Study’, (ES/M011127/1) 2015

  3. Economic and Social Research Council, £81,043.16 (Principal Investigator), ‘The 2011 Welsh Referendum Study’, (Ref: RES-000-22-4496) 2011

  4. Economic and Social Research Council, £89,203.79 (Principal Investigator), ‘The 2011 Welsh Election Study’, (Ref: RES-062-23-2625) 2010

  5. Economic and Social Research Council, £101,697.95 (with Simon Hix & David Farrell), ‘A Survey of MEPs in the 2009/14 European Parliament’, (Ref: RES-062-23-1983) 2009

  6. Welsh Assembly Government, £100,000 (with Richard Glendinning & Richard Wyn Jones), ‘Research to Support the All Wales Convention’, 2008

  7. National Assembly for Wales Commission, £75,000, ‘What People Think About the National Assembly’, 2008

  8. Economic and Social Research Council, £43,147 (with John Curtice & Richard Wyn Jones), ‘Welsh Election Survey 2007’ (Ref: RES-062-23-0513), 2007

  9. Economic and Social Research Council, £32,757 (with David M. Farrell, Simon Hix & Mark Johnson), ‘A Survey of MEPs in the 2004-09 European Parliament’ (Ref: RES-000-22-1554), 2005

  10. Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, Research Capacity Development Fund, £999,472 (with Ken Booth, Colin McInnes and Richard Wyn Jones), ‘Wales in the World’, 2003

  11. Economic and Social Research Council, £90,867.16 (with David M. Farrell), ‘Electoral Reform, Parliamentary Representation and the British MEP’ (Ref: R-000-23-9231), 2001

  12. Economic and Social Research Council, £274,984 (with Richard Wyn Jones, Anthony Heath & Katarina Thomson), ‘Welsh Electoral Surveys 2001/03’ (Ref: L-219-25-2043), 2000

Research Grants (Internal)

  1. Hong Kong Baptist University Tier 2 Research Grant, HK$177,537.50 (Principal Investigator) ‘Understanding Incumbency Effects in Mixed-Member Electoral Systems’, 2021

  2. Hong Kong Baptist University Tier 1 Research Grant, HK$100,000.00, 2021

  3. Cardiff University Research Leave Scheme, £12,000, 2017