1. Dr. Martin CHUNG
    "Reconciliation and Its Resentments : The Suppression of Justice and Truth Recovery in Germany, Northern Ireland, and Western Balkans"
  2. Dr. Kevin IP
    "Social Justice for the Information Age : Towards a Political Theory of Datafication"
  3. Dr. Emilie TRAN
    "HOW CHINA SPEAKS TO THE WORLD IN THE COVID-19 ERA China’s Political Communication and Mobilisation in Europe"

Dr. Kang Yi

 康怡 博士

Associate Professor




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Research Interests

  • Comparative Politics
  • Chinese Politics
  • Non-state and Non-profit Sectors
  • Civil Society

  • Local Governance

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Publications (Peer Reviewed)

Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters

  1. Chen, Feng, and Yi Kang. 2017. “Disorganized Popular Contention and Local Institutional Building in China: A Case Study in Guangdong.” in Suisheng Zhao (ed.), Debating Regime Legitimacy in Contemporary China: Popular Protests and Regime Performances, New York: Routledge. (English)

  2. Kang, Yi. 2014. Disaster Management in China in a Changing Era. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer. (English)


Refereed Journal Articles

  1. Luqiu, Luwei Rose, Kang, Yi*(corresponding author). 2021. “Loyalty to WeChat beyond national borders: a perspective of media system dependency theory on techno-nationalism.” Chinese Journal of Communication, 14(4): 451-468. https://doi.org/10.1080/17544750.2021.1921820. (2020 IF – 2.714)

  2. Kang, Yi. 2021. “Social Empowerment through Knowledge Transfer: Transborder Actions of Hong Kong Social Workers in Mainland China.” China Information, 35(2): 179-200. https://doi.org/10.1177/0920203X20946570. (2020 IF - 1.676)

  3. Kang, Yi. 2020. “Packaging New Knowledge to Fit the Chinese Context: Local Cadres’ Innovation Partnerships with Hong Kong Social Workers.” China Review-An Interdisciplinary Journal on Greater China, 20(4): 129–158. (2020 IF – 1.48)

  4. Kang, Yi. 2020. “Dispersed Domination through Patron-Clientelism: The Evolution of the Local State-NGO Relationship in Post-Disaster Sichuan.” Journal of Contemporary China, 29(124): 598–613. https://doi.org/10.1080/10670564.2019.1677367. (2020 IF – 3.748)

  5. Kang, Yi. 2019. “Food Safety Governance in China: Change and Continuity.” Food Control 106: 106752, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodcont.2019.106752. (2020 IF – 5.548)

  6. Kang, Yi. 2019. “What Does China’s Twin-Pillared NGO Funding Game Entail? Growing Diversity and Increasing Isomorphism.” Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 30(3): 499-515. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11266-018-00085-1. (2020 IF – 2.468)

  7. Ku, K. Y. L., Kong, Q., Song Y., Deng, L., Kang, Y., & Hu, A. 2019. “What predicts adolescents’ critical thinking about real-life news? The roles of social media news consumption and news media literacy.” Thinking Skills and Creativity 33, available online 13 May 2019, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tsc.2019.05.004, (2020 IF – 3.106)

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  9. Chen, Yi-Feng, Yi Kang, and Dean Tjosvold. 2017. “Constructive Controversy and Guanxi Relationships for Disaster Recovery.” International Journal of Conflict Management 28(4): 410–36. (2020 IF – 2.547)

  10. Chen, Feng, and Yi Kang. 2017. “比較政治學如何研究?範例與啟示.” (“How to Study Comparative Politics? Examples and Implications”) 《比較政治學研究》第十期: 9-39.

  11. Chen, Feng, and Yi Kang. 2016. “Disorganized Popular Contention and Local Institutional Building in China: A Case Study in Guangdong.” Journal of Contemporary China 25(100): 596–612. (2020 IF – 3.748)

Publications (Non-peer Reviewed)

Non-Refereed Journal Articles

  1. Kang, Yi. 2021. “NGO Development in China Since the Wenchuan Earthquake: A Critical Overview” Made in China: A Quarterly on Chinese Labour, Civil Society, and Rights 6(1): 69-73.

  2. Kang, Yi. 2018. “Sichuan, Year Zero?” Made in China: A Quarterly on Chinese Labour, Civil Society, and Rights 3(1): 62-65.


Book Review

  1. Kang, Yi. 2021. Solicited book review for Designing Emergency Management in China: China's Post-SARS Experience, 2003–2012 (by Wee-Kiat Lim [London and New York: Routledge, 2020] 176 pp. £120.00 ISBN 978-0-367-19697-4). China Quarterly, 246 “Revisiting the Public Sphere in 20th- and 21st-century China”: 620-621, https://doi.org/10.1017/S030574102100028X.

  2. Kang, Yi. 2018. Solicited book review for Shaken Authority: China’s Communist Party and the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake (by Christian P. Sorace [Ithaca; London: Cornell University Press, 2017]). Pacific Affairs 91(2): 351-53.

Research Grants (External)

  1. Research Grants Council General Research Fund (GRF), Grassroots Party Building in Urban China in the Reform Era, 2018-2021 (GRF-12607217), Principal Investigator, HK$ 1,251,332

  2. Public Policy Research Fund (PPR), Data Literacy of Hong Kong Internet Users, 2021 (2021.A2.049.21C), Co-Investigator, HK$ 610,914.50

  3. Public Policy Research Fund (PPR) (Special Round), The Socioeconomic and Political Origins of the Hong Kong Protests, 2020 (SR2020.A1.011), Co-Investigator, HK$ 412,850.00

  4. Public Policy Research Fund (PPR), Investigating Hong Kong Students' Critical News Literacy in the Age of Social Media, 2017-2018 (2016.A2.014.17A), Co-Investigator, HK$ 492,982.00

  5. Research Grants Council Early Career Scheme (ECS), Turning Crises into Opportunities? Post-disaster Management in Contemporary China, 2015-2017 (ECS-22400214), Principal Investigator, HK$ 1,017,000

Research Grants (Internal)

  1. Hong Kong Baptist University Public Policy Research Scheme, Mapping the Ecology of Civic Engagement: Agency, Social Capital, and Urban Governance in Hong Kong, 2018-2019 (RC- PPRS /17-18/), Principal Investigator, HK$ 1,198,500

  2. Hong Kong Baptist University Faculty Research Grant (FRG), Turning Crises into Chances? Post-Natural Disaster Politics in China and Taiwan, 2013-2014 (FRG1/13-14/043), Principal Investigator, HK$ 50,000

  3. Hong Kong Baptist University Faculty Research Grant (FRG), Primary Party Organizations of the Communist Party of China in the Reform Era, 2011-2012 (FRG1/11-12/023), Principal Investigator, HK$ 50,000

  4. Hong Kong Baptist University Start-Up Grant, 2012, HK$ 100,000