Mentoring meeting with French exchange students from Sciences Po Bordeaux

Date : 11 May 2022


Mentoring meeting over lunch with our 6 departing French and Hong Kong students of the double degree HKBU European Studies (French) Department of Government & International Studies Hong Kong Baptist University 香港浸會大學 and Sciences Po Bordeaux. After their first two years on Hong Kong Baptist University, Matteo, Anissa Téguia, Tony, Vaiiti RAYGADASAnaïs Joly and Lyle will complete their years III, IV and V at SciencesPo Bordeaux. Although the French students are sad to leave Hong Kong where they have spent two wonderful years — they say!—despite the pandemic, all 6 are very excited to start a new page in their academic journey in Bordeaux.


Participants : combined degree French students from Sciences Po Bordeaux and French Stream students (Y-II)