EURO4007 Career Talk - ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions (HK) Limited

Date : 12 April 2022


On April 12th, we were happy to greet Mr. Nigel Mattravers, General Manager at ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions (HK) Limited. He introduced the WEEE-park: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) treatment and recycling facility located in Tuen Mun. Old washing-machines, broken refrigerators and air-conditioner are being dismantled; re-usable parts and valuable raw material are being saved. If the devices still can be used, WEEE will donate them to people in need. In a fascinating video, the recycling-process of plastic bottles was demonstrated. Recycling is a major element to diminish plastic waste in the ocean and to save our planet. Mr. Mattravers made a passionate appeal to all of us to avoid the use of plastic and to support recycling efforts.


Participants : German Stream Y-II and Y-IV students