EURO4007 Career Talk - the Director of the German Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Date : 11 January 2022


In our first class we had the honor to welcome Mr. Wolfgang Ehmann, who is director of the German Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for over twenty years. He gave us a good overview about the main goals of the Chamber, which doesn't only represent the German Companies in Hong Kong, but also offers consulting and help in case of conflicts. After the presentation he was open for questions and remarks. In his view, the main obstacle for business in Hong Kong now is the impossibility to travel due to the pandemic measures in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Even though some companies left Hong Kong, job opportunities for BU students did not suffer negative influence from the measures. He encouraged students to be optimistic. 


Participants : German Stream students (Y-IV)  in EURO4007 European Economic and Business Life: Wirtschaft im Wandel/Deutsch-chinesische Wirtschaftsbeziehungen