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27 January 2022 (Thursday)

"Elections with Hong Kong Characteristics" What It Is, and What It is Not

GIS Online Seminar in association with the Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre
Online Co-curricular Learning (CCL) event for HKBU undergraduate students
Available for the general public
Date & Time : 27 January 2022 (Thursday), 14:30-16:00 Hong Kong time
What was behind the record low turnout in the ‘patriots only but colorful’ Legislative Council Election? Do elections still matter, how and to whom? What prospects, if any, are there for the political opposition? Policy-wise, how do citizens take part to make an impact? The panelists will address these and other related issues to delineate the contours of the political landscape in Hong Kong.

Panelists :
Mr. Paul Zimmermann, Chairman, Hong Kong Democratic Foundation

Dr. Derek Yuen, Hong Kong-based strategist, scholar and columnist
Dr. Robert Chung, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute


Moderator :
Dr. Kenneth Chan, Director, Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre

Registration required.
Registration Deadline : 25 January 2022 (Tuesday), 17:00
A Zoom webinar invitation will be sent 1 hour before the event.
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Tel.: 3411 5726