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Combined Degree Programmes

European Studies (French) (Sciences Po Lyon)
(for Hong Kong Students)

The Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lyon (Sciences Po Lyon) is an elite tertiary education institution in France that provides rigorous training in social sciences at large, and contemporary world affairs in particular. Eventually, the students who fulfill the requirements will graduate with two degrees: the B.SocSc. (Hons) in European Studies at the end of the fourth year from HKBU and Diplôme de Sciences Po Lyon (equivalent to master degree) at the end of the fifth year.


About ScPo Lyon
  • One of the top tertiary education institutions in France for Liberal Arts and Political Studies.
  • Student on the combined degree will specialize in International Public Affairs.


Programme Structure & Curriculum


HKBU students in the European Studies French Stream will follow the normal study plan for all Year 1 and Year 2 students in that programme. After an intercalary year in Lyon in Year 3, they return to Hong Kong to complete their undergraduate studies in Year 4, before returning for a final Year 5 to Lyon. Successful completion of this year will lead to the conferring of the Diplôme.




  • Current students of B.SocSc. (Hons) in European Studies (French Stream)
  • Attain cGPA 3.0 or above
  • Good command of French


Application & Selection


B.SocSc. (Hons) in European Studies (French Stream) students who have met the required qualifications in the first two years, may opt for a combined degree pathway with Sciences Po Lyon. Shortlisted students will be invited to a selection interview in mid-January. (Programme Directors and Coordinators from HKBU & Sciences Po Lyon may jointly interview candidates for entry into the programme.)


Tuition Fees


For the First to Fourth Year:


  • HKBU local students will pay the local tuition fees, i.e. HK$42,100 per academic year.
  • HKBU non-local students will pay the non-local tuition fees, i.e. HK$140,000 per academic year.


For the Fifth Year:


  • HKBU students will pay the Sciences Po Lyon fees, i.e. €3,770 per academic year.


Other Expenses


The years abroad are financed by students themselves. Hong Kong Baptist University bears no responsibility for financial outlays necessary for the years abroad, including the airfare to and from Europe. Apart from the tuition fees, enrolled students have to bear the costs of accommodation, for more information about housing in Lyon, please visit here.


Financial Support


To secure the years abroad for all students regardless of their personal financial background, Hong Kong Baptist University has set aside a special rollover fund. This fund offers the possibility of a low-interest loan for Year 3. The loan is non-means-tested and is obtainable upon formal application at the end of Year 2. It is repayable in installments immediately upon graduation. Currently, students can obtain a maximum of HK$40,000. For more information about the low-interest loan, please visit here.


Leaflet of the programme (in English and Chinese)