Dr. Fredrick F. Chien (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China) delivered a lecture for the 'World Eminent Persons Programme' organized by the Department of GIS, HKBU and sponsored by the Lee Hyson Foundation Following the delivery of the lecture 'State Collapse and the Rise of the ISIS in Syria and Iraq' on 9 December 2014, Prof. Gokhan Bacik of Ipek University, Turkey, had dinner with GIS Department faculty members and representatives of the Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre GISS Academic Officer Mr. Jeff Leung presents a souvenir to Mr. Cristian Prado Ahumada (R), Chile’s Trade and Investment Commissioner in Hong Kong and Macau, who delivered a lecture on Chile’s economic relations with East Asia, 30 October 2014 Global Social Sciences Conference - Political Reconciliation in Comparative Perspective, 5-6 June, 2014 GISS 20th Executive Committee (POLIGON) inauguration ceremony, 3 Feb 2015 GIS graduates in the HKBU 55<sup>th</sup> commencement Thailand Study Tour, organized by the GIS Student Society (GISS), January 2014 Six European Studies (German Stream) students received scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service to attend summer language courses in Germany Two French Stream (European Studies) graduates: Elaine LAM (2014) and Alexandra Wai Chu SETO (2008) were awarded the Alexandre Yersin Scholarship to pursue their studies in France French Stream (European Studies) students joined the intensive training module with Philippe Guinet, creator of the Association Les Passeurs de Mots, which has been developing workshops and trainings on the orality of the French language for over 15 years 'Human Library' - the partnership between Service Civil International (SCI) and the European Studies Student Society (ESS) French Stream students (European Studies) invited to the reception for awarding scholarship from the Joint Programme Hong Kong Legion d’Honneur Chapter Club and the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau European Studies students volunteering for the Karen Kids in Thailand

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The Society and Politics of Casino Captialism in China's Macao

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Date: 2 April 2015 (Thu)
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Recent Staff Publications :

  • Śliwiński, K. (2014). The Fifth Domain - national security in private hands? Civilianization of cybersecurity in United Kingdom. Spoleczenstwo i Polityka, 3:40, 135-156. (English).

  • Recent Op-eds :

  • Śliwiński, K. (March 7, 2015). "Ukrainian Crisis – clashing interests, visions and values", Hong Kong Economic Journal. (English version) (Chinese version)
  • Pourzitakis Efstratios (January 28, 2015), "Will Greece or Germany blink first in a euro-zone game of chicken?", South China Morning Post.
  • Pourzitakis Efstratios (co-authored with Mr. Elias Kirgidis) (January 27, 2015), "In Greece, It’s Not the Economy, Stupid!", Carnegie Europe.
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    GIS trains students to the different aspects of political science, with a strong emphasis on international relations and comparative politics, and in European Studies, using a multi-disciplinary approach.


    In addition to the department itself, GIS also contributes to teaching in the China Studies programme and in the Master of Public Administration.


    Research by staff of the GIS Department covers Hong Kong and Chinese politics, European politics and European integration, social movements and protest, political transitions and democratization, international relations, and economic and cultural relations between China and Europe.