Staff List

Dr. Emilie Tran (陳秀琼 博士)
Tel: 3411-5704
Assistant Professor
Course Coordinator for the European Studies Programme (French Stream)


UGC Teaching and Learning Project:

  • Principal Investigator, 1, 2, 3, Prêts, Partez! Internationalisation at Home for A Successful Year Abroad, Pilot Project Scheme supported by the Community of Practice - Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning (CoP-ITL), University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Baptist University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, HK$66,600, Oct 2018 - Oct 2020

HKBU Service-Learning Mini-Grants:

  • EURO 4015 Contemporary European Societies II: questions d'actualité, HK$30,000, 2020-2021  
  • POLS 2205 European Politics and Society: French Political and Government System, HK$100,000 for overseas service-learning project in France, 2020-2021
  • EURO 4006 European Economic and Business Life: Travailler en contexte international, HK$16,000, 2019-2020
  • EURO 4006 European Economic and Business Life: Travailler en contexte international, HK$23,000, 2018-2019

Current Courses:

  • IIS 7010 Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies Doctoral Research Training I
  • POLS 2205 European Politics and Society: French Political and Government System
  • EURO 2005 Contemporary European Societies I: The French-Speaking Countries
  • EURO 3008 European Academic / Internship Semester I
  • EURO 3009 European Academic / Internship Semester II
  • EURO 3591-2 Honours Project (European Studies)
  • EURO 4015 Contemporary European Societies II: Questions d'actualité
  • EURO 4006 European Economic and Business Life: Travailler en contexte international

Previously Taught Subjects:

The University of Saint Joseph, Macao

  • Graduate-Level
  • Methods and Techniques of Qualitative Research
  • Specialist Studies and Reading Program
  • Integrative Research Seminar
  • Methodologies of Investigation
  • Globalisation and Governance
  • Research Designs and Methodology
  • Ethics in Public Policy and Administration
  • Governance and Politics in Contemporary China
  • Undergraduate-Level
  • Politics, market and culture
  • Global Politics: Conflict and Cooperation
  • Third World Politics
  • Political System of the PRC
  • Theories of Public Governance
  • Ethical Issues in Public governance
  • Theories of State and Society
  • International Relations: Theory and Practices
  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Life and Science

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • Undergraduate-Level
  • International Relations
  • Global Politics
  • Introduction to Chinese Politics

University of Macau

  • Undergraduate-Level
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Geography
  • Social and Economic Geography
  • Introduction to Western and Chinese Philosophy

Born in Cambodia from Chinese (Teochew) decent, Emilie Tran Sautede became a French national growing up in France where she studied from primary school to PhD. She has been living in Greater China since 2000 (Shanghai, Macao, Hong Kong), and has worked in four universities in the Pearl River Delta. She has been the warden of the French community in Macao (2007-2016). She is a Consular Advisor (Conseiller Consulaire) representing the French community in Hong Kong and Macao (2019-2020).


  • PhD in History and Civilizations (Doctorat en Histoire et Civilisations), École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris (Graduate School of Social Sciences, Paris)(2008)
    Dissertation entitled "Elite and Power in 21st century China"
  • Certificate in International Studies - Major in International History and Politics, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland (2001)
  • Diplôme d'études approfondies (DEA, the preparatory research qualification that precedes a Ph.D. in France), École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris (Graduate School of Social Sciences, Paris)(1997)
  • Master in Social Sciences, Political science, sociology, economics, anthropology, history, international relations, social science research methods, The Catholic University of Paris, France (1996)
    Dissertation on "Max Weber and Capitalism in China"

Academic and Teaching Experience:

  • Associate Professor (April 2015 - August 2016), Coordinator for the Department of Public Administration and International Relations (September 2014 - August 2016), Dean of the Faculty of Administration and Leadership (May 2012 - July 2014), the University of Saint Joseph (September 2008 - August 2016)
  • Visiting Scholar, the Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (July 2007 - July 2009)
  • Part-time Lecturer, the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Macau (February 2004 - June 2007)
  • Research Fellow, the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (Centre d’Études Français sur la Chine contemporaine, CEFC) (August 2000 - August 2004)
Research Interests
  • French politics
  • Chinese diaspora governance
  • China-Europe relations
  • Chinese investments in the EU
  • Overseas Chinese in Europe
Research Projects
  • Co-Investigator, Trust and the Smart City, Hong Kong Baptist University SOSC Faculty Niche Research Areas, HKD933,792, 2020-2022
  • Co-Investigator, Chinese Twitter, School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University, Denmark, EUR1,500, 2020.
  • Principal Investigator, The Overseas Chinese in France and Hungary - What Role Do They Play in Expanding China's Political Influence in Europe?, Hong Kong Baptist University, HKD50,000, 2018 (FRG1/17-18/018)
  • Principal Investigator, Impact Assessment of the Macao Forum's Seminars on the Economy and Public Policy - Making in Portuguese Speaking Countries - An Illustration of South-South Cooperation, Macau Foundation, MOP403,300, 2014-2015 (MF/2014/18)
  • Co-Principal Investigator, Survey on public environmental consciousness in Macao, a Pearl River Comparison, Macau Foundation, MOP340,000, 2013-2014 (MF/2013/016)


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Talks / Conferences / Seminars

Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. (Producer). (10 September 2020). China's Evolving Economic Relations with North Africa: Before and After COVID-19 (Video).

The Brookings Institution. (Producer). (10 June 2020). Webinar: China's role in the MENA region post-COVID-19 (Video).

"Protecting the Overseas Chinese in France: A Multidimensional Approach to State-Diaspora Relations", 11th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 11), Leiden, The Netherlands, 16-19 July 2019.

"Sino-French Public-Private Partnership and Territorial Governance", 15th Annual Conference of the French Association of Political Science, Bordeaux, France, 2-4 July 2019.

(with Ya-Han Chuang) "Securing the Overseas Chinese: A Case Study of the Chinese Community's Mobilizations for Security In France", 3rd CERPE Workshop "Chinese in Europe, New Mobilities and Developments", Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, East Asian Studies & Research Centre, Spain; Jinan University, School of International Studies/Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies, Guangzhou, China, Aarhus University, Dep. of Global Studies, Denmark, Barcelona, Spain, 22-24 November 2018.

"EuroSity, TerraLorraine et EuropaCity: Enjeux et Bilan des Trois Projets de Ville Chinoise en France [EuroSity, TerraLorraine et EuropaCity: Issues and Outcomes of Three Projects of Chinese Cities in France", Conference : " Une ou des routes de la soie? Diaspora chinoise, commerce et changement socio-spatial en Europe et en Afrique", Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Solidarités, Sociétés, Territoires (UMR5193), CNRS, Structurations des Mondes Sociaux, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès, Toulouse, France, 20 November 2018.

"Characterizing A New Style of Leadership in Democracy: Review of Emmanuel Macron's First Year Presidency", 2018 EUSAAP Conference: The Future of the EU and European Integration in the aftermath of Crises, European Union Studies Association Asia-Pacific , European Center in Taiwan & Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Taipei, 28-29 June 2018.

(with Ya-Han Chuang) "Overseas China in France caught in multi-level public actions : a case of China's growing global influence.", Annual conference of the Hong Kong Political Science Association. "Hong Kong and Globalization". 21 Octobre 2017, Hong Kong.

(with Eric Sautede) "The Role of Catholic Organizations and Catholic Figures in the Rise of the Civil Society in Macau", International Conference on Civil Society and Christian Religion in Greater China, Hong Kong Baptist University, 8-9 December 2016.

Supervision and Examination of PhD / Masters / Honours Projects


Université Bretagne-Loire Université Rennes 1, France

  • PhD Dissertation (Co-supervision with Prof. Florent Villard, Sciences Po Rennes. September 2019 - present)
  • Terrie NG Tze Yiu. Social and Political Activism of Hong Kong Students. 1970s-2010s

Hong Kong Baptist University

  • PhD Dissertation (Co-supervision with Prof. Jean-Pierre Cabestan as the Principal Supervisor)
  • Dennis Kapyata. Understanding Modern Era China-African Union Relations (2001-present).
  • Honours Projects
  • Chan Yan Yan (2019). L'ubérisation de la société en France.
  • Lau Hoi Yan (2019). Les défis du multiculturalisme sur les campus universitaires: comparaison entre la la France et Hong Kong.
  • Ho Hung Hung (2019). Le programme de "Capitale européenne de la culture".
  • Lai Cheuk Ying (2019). La laïcité, la religion et la liberté.
  • Lee Kitson (2019). Le nucléaire en France.
  • Lee Po Ling (2019). La parure de la femme française et le sexisme.
  • Poon Ka Wing (2019). La vente d'armes.
  • Wang Shiqi (2019). Les musées français à l'étranger et la diplomatie culturelle de la France.
  • Li Yidan (2018). Les élections présidentielles à la française et le nouveau système des primaires.
  • Chan Seng Ji (2018). Les relations franco-camerounaise au XXIème siècle : quelles relations la France, ancienne puissance coloniale, entretient-elle avec le Cameroun aujourd'hui ?
  • Ip Sze Wing (2018). Dans quelle mesure l'Otan est-elle pertinente au XXIème siècle ?
  • Chan Kin Yin (2018). La relation franco-allemande à l'aube du XXIème siècle.
  • Lam Chak Wing (2018). Comparaison des mandats de F. Hollande et de N. Sarkozy.
  • Lyu Dongyi (2018). L'investissement chinois en France.
  • Po wing Yiu (2018). Comment expliquer le vote pour Marine Le Pen aux élections présidentielles de 2017?
  • Chau Cherry (2017). La réforme territoriale et l'identité régionale : le cas de Toulouse.
  • Tong Athena Kerin (2017). La lutte anti-terroriste en France.
  • Ho wing Lam (2017). L'état d'urgence en France : vers la paix ou la guerre ?
  • Lau Tsz Wai (2017). Le projet de loi sur le renseignement.
  • Wang Nan (2017). Le cinéma de propagande pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale
  • Fu Man Yu (2017). L'impact de la loi Macron sur l'économie française.
  • He Lanshan (2017). La lutte contre l'antisémitisme en France est-elle une bataille perdue?

The Catholic University of Portugal, Porto

  • PhD in Science and Technology of Arts (Cinema and Audiovisual)
  • António Tomé Saldanha Quadros Dias Ferreira (2016). Between Documentary and Fiction: Contemporary Chinese and Danish Cinemas.

The University of Saint Joseph, Macao

  • PhD in Government Studies
  • Ansoumane Douty Diakité (2016). Revisiting Aid Donors Approaches Toward Poverty Reduction in Guinea: Comparing China and France.
  • Gabriel Soares (in progress). China's Media and Soft Power in Africa.

  • PhD in Global Studies
  • Dennis Stuebing (2017). Child Protection During Emergencies and Disaster Risk Reduction in Pacific Island Countries.
  • Solomon Amuno (2013). Environmental Legacy Of The Genocide: An Exploration Into The Contamination Potential Of Mass Grave Soils In Post-Genocide Rwanda.

  • Master in Government Studies
  • Ho Cheng I (2017). Drug Abuse and Trafficking in Macao: A Perspective on the Challenges of the Law Enforcement.
  • Lidia Chiang (2015). The Evolution and SWOT Analysis of Macao's Social Security System.
  • Siew Pek Leng, Mina (2015). Developing Teledifusão de Macau (TDM): Issues and Prospects.
  • Che Ion Fong, Ada (2015). A Review of the Macao's Judiciary Police: Opportunities and Challenges in the Wake of the 21st Century.
  • Che Man San, Emily (2014). Government Policy Coping with Human Resources Management in the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.
  • Un Ka Man, Ilsa (2014). Contributions to the Macao's Social Security Fund: The Arbitrary System.
  • Lau Kuai I, Sharon (2014). Road and Traffic Management in Macao: Challenges and Way Ahead.
  • Leong Pui Man, Vanessa (2014). The Legal Service of the Identification Services Bureau of Macao SAR: Reforms and Way Ahead.
  • Lou Kai Yin, Dicky (2014). Food Safety in Macao: A Review of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau's Food Safety Center.
  • Kuong Cheok Man, Samantha (2014). Anti-Corruption Policy and Sunshine Law Coping with Globalization: The Declaration of Assets and Interests in the CCAC.
  • Chan San San, Zelda (2014). Sustainable Innovation in the Face of Globalization: A Work Report on Policy Reform of the DSAJ and its Subordinate Department CRCBM.
  • Cheang Sin I, Cindy (2013). The Impact of Illegal Contributions on Social Security Scheme and Governance - A Work Report on Strategic Management of the Social Security Fund.
  • Chan Ka Un, Henry (2013). A Work Report on Macao Trade and Investment Institute.
  • Lee In Tai, Paul (2013). Breakthrough of Self-Containment - A Work Report of the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau.
  • Anabela Luiza do Rosario (2012). Health Care Governance Coping with Globalization - A Work Report on the Administrative Policy of the CHCSJ Hopital and Macao Health Bureau.
  • Chan Weng I (2012). Policy Reform for Higher Education in Macao.
  • David Pinto Marques (2012). High School Emergency Management in Macao.
  • He Wenjing, Eva (2012). Macao Development Strategy Center: A Work Report.
  • Cheong Weng Lam, Fiona (2012). The Evolution of Gaming Legalization and Junket Regulation: A Comparison Between Macao's and Nevada's Gaming Industry.
  • Chan Kai Iong, Goretti (2012). A Work Report.
  • Lei Ming Kei, Jeff (2012). Heading for Success in Government Services - A Case Study on the Administrative and Human Resources Policies of the DSI.
  • Sio Ka Pek, Jenny (2012). The Impact of the Government Policy on the Tourism Industry - A Work Report on the Strategic Management of the Macao Government Tourist Office.
  • Wong Sut Ieng, Emily (2011). Striving for Success in Diversity - A Case Study on Perspective of Administrative and Government Policy of the Cultural Affairs Bureau.
  • Ma Si Ka, Isabel (2011). Strategic Management Coping with Contemporary Globalization - A Work Report on the Administrative Policy of the MPI – Bell Centre of English.
  • João Janela da Silva (2011). Macao Tax Jurisdiction in the Context of International Law.
  • Loi I Man (2011). Dealing with a Changing Society – A Work Report on Further Development of the Government Information Bureau.
  • Choi Lai Si, Polly (2011). Striving for Success in Governmental Management - A Work Report on Administrative and Government Policy of the Monetary Authority of Macao.
  • Rafaela Chemale Kern (2011). The BRICs and the Global Order in the Early XXI Century.
  • Rui Flores (2011). Social Unrest in Xinjiang in the 21st Century: Crisis of the Chinese Multinational State?
  • Ulrica Lei Iok Kei (2011). Work Report - The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.
  • Tong Ka Ieng, Suki (2010). Corruption in Macao: Causes, Consequences and Challenges Ahead.

  • Master in Contemporary China Studies
  • Carlos Do Nascimento (2012). The Chinese Development Model: A New Model of Development?
  • Gabriel Soares (2013). House Churches in Urban China: A Case Study.
  • Grégoire Muller (2013). The Chinese Communist Party and The Internet: A Case Study of the Civilized Internet Website Campaign in 2011-2012.
  • Brigitte Stephanie Riviera Troncoso (2013). Between Competition and Partnership: A Review of Sino-Bolivian Relations in the Wake of the 21st

  • Master in China-Europe Comparative Studies
  • Sofia Isabel Costa Jesus (2013). Youth and Politics - A comparative Study of Political Participation Trends among Today's Youths in Macao and Portugal.
  • Celeste Monteiro (2012). Comparative Responses of the Different Approaches to Prevention, Treatment and Reintegration of Users and Abusers of Illegal Substances in Portugal and Macau (2000-2012).

  • Master in Education
  • Cheong Wai San, Tracy (2016). Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Macao Higher Education Institutions: Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Michelle Lynn Thomas (2010). Learn With Me, Macau - A First Step in Helping Children with Learning Disorders.

  • Master in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Loi Mei Kuan, Yvonne (2016). The Impact of Social Support on the Mental Health of the Visually Impaired in Macao.


Hong Kong Baptist University

  • PhD
  • Peng Nian (2018). Myanmar's China Policy since 1988: A Mild Hedging Strategy. (Member of the Examination Panel)
  • Mehmet Soylemez (2017). Turkey-China Relations in the 21st Century: From enhanced to strategic partnership (External Examiner (Proxy)).

  • Honours Projects
  • Lai Oi Ying (2018). L'échec du retour de Nicolas Sarkozy en politique.
  • Lai Hiu Kwan (2018). L'euroscepticisme au XXIème siècle.
  • Ngan Cheuk Shan (2018). Les raisons de l'échec du Frexit.
  • Zhou Yicheng (2018). Le débat sur la réforme du code du travail.
  • Wong Wai Yin (2018). Pourquoi la France est-elle aussi peu accueillante face à la crise migratoire européenne ?
  • Zhou Huiwen (2018). La France et les œuvres d'art spoliées.
  • Zhang Yueren (2018). La jungle de Calais : rejet ou hospitalité ?
  • Ho Nok Hang (2018). Pouvons-nous vraiment parler d'un déclin de la gauche au XXIème siècle ?
  • Kwok Hoi Yan (2017). Tel père, tel fils ? La mobilité sociale et les inégalités en France
  • Zhu Jingyi (2017). Les médias français face aux défis.
  • Lai Hang Yi (2017). Le droit d'asile en France.
  • Lui Nga Suet (2017). Le conflit israëlo-palestinien.
  • Ip Wing Yan (2017). Comparaison Mai 68 et le Mouvement des parapluies.

The University of Saint Joseph, Macao

  • Master in Government Studies
  • Lam Hang U, Mandi (2015). Influence of Chinese Cultural Values on Domestic Violence in Macau: A Pilot Study.
  • Ling Sio Kuan, Rachel (2014). Heading For Success In Government Services – A Work Report On The “Performance Pledge” Program And The Services Of The Macao Immigration Department.
  • Lai Pou San, Pauline (2014). Performance Management in the Public Sector: The Case of Macau.
  • Lo Nei Ian, Celian (2014). Fashion Design in Macau: The Local Government's Role in the Development of Culture and Creative Industries.
  • Chan Weng Sam, Yedda (2014). The Labor Inspection System in Macau — A Work Report on the Strategic Management of Macau Labor Affairs Bureau.
  • Wong Kit Weng, Adam (2010). Foreign Workers in Macau.
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  • Solomon Amuno (2009). Assessment of the Factors Affecting Waste Management in Macau.

  • Master in Business Administration
  • Choi Kuai Hong (2015). Implement Performance Pledge in Macao Government Departments - A Case of Macao IACM

  • Master in Counselling Psychotherapy
  • Petra Leong (2014). Relationship Between Depression, Sleep Quality and Levels of Physical Activity in Macau Adult Population

  • Master in Community Development
  • Tong Ka Io (2012). Workplace Community Development: Empowering Employees in a Public Service — A Field Research.

  • Master in Clinical Social Work
  • Keo Bancroft-Manivong (2012). Exploring the Social Challenges in the Workplace of Filipina Domestic Workers in Macau: A Case Analysis.
  • Maria Sà da Bandeira (2012). Impact Assessment of Psychological Interventions on Overseas Workers of CARITAS-Macao: The Creation of A Support Unit for Non-Resident Workers.

  • Master in History and Heritage
  • Sonia Lau, Nga Lai (2011). Fernand Braudel and China.
  • Kyllie Lao (2010). The Urban System of the "Portuguese" City of Macau: Inventory of the Parish Model and Heritage Patterns.

  • Master in China-Europe Comparative Studies
  • Luciana Micaela de Coito Soares Goulart Leitão (2012). Xinhua and AFP: Two Contrastive Communication and Media Representations of the 2008 Crisis in Tibet.

Awards and Scholarships
  • Research Award, Bank of China Macau Branch, 2015
  • BAR scholarship, French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (Hong Kong), 2002 and 2001 (2 consecutive years)
  • Lavoisier scholarship, The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2000

Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Delegate of the Department of GIS, the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) (2019-present)
  • Delegate of the Department of GIS, the Faculty Learning and Teaching Policy Advisory Committee (FLTPAC) (2017-2018)
  • Member, Selection Committee for The Italian Cultural Society of Hong Kong, Faculty of Arts (2016-present)


  • Conseiller Consulaire (Consular Advisor), Representative elected through direct universal suffrage of the French living in Hong Kong & Macao, Consulat Général de France à Hong Kong & Macao. (2018-2020)