BSocSc (Hons) in Government & International Studies

The BSocSc (Hons) in Government and International Studies programme is intended to provide a programme of study which will give students a firm grasp of the different areas of political science. These cover political sociology (including political institutions, political culture and political behaviour), government and public policy-making, international relations and political economy, political theory and political thought, and political methodology.

In geographical terms the programme focuses on the politics of Hong Kong, mainland China, and the Asia Pacific region, on the basis that it is essential to give Hong Kong students a thorough understanding of their own political environment. The programme seeks to stimulate the students' interest, and to sharpen their awareness by incorporating a systematic comparative and international dimension, drawing both on the China Studies and European Studies programmes.

The specific aims of the programme are:

  • To provide students with a solid foundation in the core areas of political science;
  • To introduce students to the various methods of political study;
  • To increase students' understanding of the politics of Hong Kong, mainland China, and the Asia Pacific region; and
  • To enable students to engage in the comparative study of different cultural and political systems, with an emphasis on China and Europe.
Structure of the curriculum:
Major Courses 66 units
Free Elective Courses 31 units
General Education Courses 31 units
Total: 128 units


  1. Major Courses (66 units): The programme of BSocSc (Hons) in Government and International Studies provides a curriculum of 66 units progressing from introductory to advanced courses over a four-year period. The curriculum culminates in the Honours Project which will enable the student to complete a significant, independent work.
  2. General Education Courses (31 units): The aim of the GE curriculum is to provide a foundation for each student's development as a Whole Person. Accordingly, by the time students have completed the 31 units of the GE Programme, they are expected to have achieved a number of intended learning outcomes.