BSocSc (Hons) in European Studies

European civilization is among the oldest and most influential in the world. European political and social ideas, religion, philosophy, art, literature, and European science and technology have been of decisive importance in shaping our contemporary world. To understand Europe is hence to understand one of the main sources of modernity. The European Union has emerged as a major actor in world politics, while decades of ideological division between Eastern and Western Europe has come to an end and the continent is coalescing. The growth and development of the European Union will be of vital importance to world politics and economics.

Within the BSocSc (Hons) in European Studies, Political Science provides the disciplinary core, underpinned by history and (cultural) area studies, business/economics or communication courses. Students also undergo rigorous training in either German or French up to levels of academic and professional fluency. The aim is to give students a firm knowledge of the basic features of the European world and the communicative skills necessary for a future professional or academic career in the field of European-Asian relations. Knowledge of Europe is deepened by the Honours Project in the final year, based on first-hand research into a particular subject related to Europe. Successful graduates also possess the skills requisite for immediate entry to postgraduate programmes both locally and in Europe.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide students with a general and up-to-date knowledge of contemporary Europe, firmly grounded in the social sciences, with an emphasis on the European Union and its member states;
  • To enable students to grasp the significance of Europe to world history, politics and economics and to train them to become skilled and knowledgeable communicators between Hong Kong/mainland China and Europe;
  • To assist students in acquiring high, professionally relevant proficiency in one major European language (other than English);
  • To provide orientation and intellectual stimulus for students to understand and appreciate their own and other cultures/societies in an increasingly multi-polar and multi-cultural world; and
  • In these ways to contribute to Hong Kong's role as a major international commercial and cultural crossroads.


The BSocSc (Hons) in European Studies consists of two years of full-time study in Hong Kong, a third year spent in Europe, followed by a fourth year full-time study in Hong Kong.

Programme curriculum
1.  Major in European Studies
  European Language (French / German) 36 units
  European Area Studies 24 units
  European Area Honours Project 6 units
  Electives / Internship in Europe 21 units
2.  General Education Courses 38 units
3.  Free Elective Courses 3 units
Total: 128 units

The Year in Europe

Students who have successfully sat for the required proficiency examination in either French or German, spend the third year of the programme in Europe. This year is designed as an integral part of the overall programme. It generally consists of academic study at a European university and possibly a placement with European companies or public institutions. Students should gain the benefits of on-the-spot academic training and linguistic immersion as well as first-hand experience of work in a European environment.