Climate Fresk – All Cards are in your Hands!

Date : 13, 14 and 24 September 2021


Final-year students from the European Studies French and German Streams were introduced to the “Climate Fresk” by Anne-France Gérard and Catherine Viguier. The “Climate Fresk” is a new interactive approach to learn and understand the causes and consequences of climate change. Students then received a further 3-hour training by Dr. Martial Jaume, the Sustainable Development Coordinator at the French International School of Hong Kong. They will be guiding HKBU students in our upcoming “Climate Education Kick-Off” in October. Are you curious? Do you want to engage in discussions on climate change and meet our new facilitators? Come and join us! You can register HERE.


Participants : French Stream students in EURO4015 Contemporary European Societies II: questions d'actualité and German Stream students in EURO4016 Contemporary European Societies II: Struktur und Zukunft der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft