Staff List

Prof. Ting Wai (丁偉 教授)
Tel: 3411-5647


POLS 1005 Foundations of Political Science
POLS 3017 Government & Politics of China
POLS 2015 Government & Politics of Hong Kong
POLS 2017 Foundations of International Relations
POLS 4236 Theories of International Relations
POLS 4206 China & the World
POLS 7010 Advanced China Studies

  • Docteur (Etudes Politiques) (1984)
  • DEA (International & European Politics) (1980)
  • DEA (Political Systems & Structures) (1979)
  • Maîtrise ês-Lettres (1978), University of Paris-X
  • BSSc (Hons) in Sociology and Economics, (1976), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Other Teaching and Research Experience:

  • Visiting Professor, University of Montesquieu Bordeaux-IV, France (2008)
  • Visiting Professor, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Lille, France (2006)
  • Visiting Scholar, Harris Manchester College, Oxford University, UK (1999)
  • Visiting Scholar, Fairbank Center for East Asian Research, Harvard University, USA (1996)
  • Visiting Professor, Ateneo de Manila University, Manila, Philippines (1989)
  • Research Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore (1985-1986)
Research Interests
  • Chinese Domestic Politics and Foreign Policies
  • International Relations

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